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Metaphorical masks

Thank you

In my 16 years of life I’ve been in a lot of dark places,

But I’ve always gotten out of them.

I have a lot of people to thank for that,

So I want to thank them here and now for all they’ve done.

First I’d like to thank my parents

You’ve done nothing but love me and cared for me no matter how much of a jerk I was no matter what the situation you still loved me and I’d like to also say sorry

I’m sorry, you could have gotten someone much better than me. Someone who doesn’t ask for anything and is always up for whatever you want to do and even be successful in everything, you deserved it for your saintliness.

I’m sorry you got stuck with me a lazy,idiotic, and selfish kid who can’t get his mind out of dreams.

I’d like to thank my old friend Corbin for just existing.

Corbin was one of the purest people I’ve met in life and it’s because of him my heart can care for not for itself but for others

I’d would like to say sorry to him as well,

Because I’m sorry for not staying close to him, for not being a better friend.

I thank my friend Haden for being willing to stay my friend while I was a fool.

Hayden I’m sorry for you to for having to deal with my foolish self

I’d also like to say thanks to everyone who’s ever dealt with me for not throwing me out of your life instantly

But for that thanks I must also say sorry

For my existence

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