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Republishing this old thing for Valentine’s Day


Its strange isn't it how much you came me feel just by how close you are to me

you slur my speech

you've turned my heart into a jackhammer

you turn my thoughts to scenes of yourself

you've given me something to die for

I can't explain all the things you've done to and for me.

You saw past all the broken windows and the rotting wood

and saw the rainbow room with me singing my heart out in the middle of it

you decided to stick with me even though my skull was thicker than molasis

you even gave me a real reason to live besides just hoping for happiness

I can't tell you how much light you brought to me because of that.

You turned white ceilings into blue skies

you turned carpet to stone paths and flowery fields

you turned a knife filled back into one that sprouts wings

you even managed to turn Silence into song

and best of all

and best of all You turned apathy to something far beyond devotion.

I hope one day you can find me

cause without you I can't imagine a life with such happiness no matter how much I delve into my mind.

I can't believe I forgot say my end though

I forgot to say how much you I'm gonna do for you

I don't plan on ever losing faith in you

so I've decided I'll give everything to you

No matter what you need ill give it to you

whether it be ,My Love

whatever wealth I may have

Or even my life itself

ill give you everything you need and want

at the same time ill give up anything for you

whether it be any other passion besides you

or anything else

Ill give it up for you.

and if after all that you still you want to abandon me

go for it because

go for it because Like I said ill give up anything for you even if it means giving up you

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