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Just wrote this cause I felt like it but basically it’s just saying some reasons I don’t have friends


Not having friends is starting to just feel terrible

I don’t have one person in the world that’s willing to actually listen to and remember what I say

I don’t have anyone to do stuff with me or to stuff with them

I don’t even have someone to just send random stuff I like to

And honestly I hate all of those facts

But I guess I can’t complain

Because in all honesty I’m just useless for starting conversations

And I’m not exactly the type of person to attract anyone

I don’t have a billion dollar smile

I’m not some smart guy that can solve any problem

I’m not some athletic jock

I’m not even that artsy besides writing and I’m not even that good at it

I think the only quality that gives me a chance are my listening skills and that something that almost everyone can be good at

And I think worst of all is the fact that I don’t have anything in common with most of the people I’ve met

So even without traits I still don’t have a shot a making friends

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