Is what I write good?
Is what I write good? stories

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I need the truth

Is what I write good?

Recently I’ve had to Start asking myself something

Is what I write any good or just the ramblings of a hysterical teen who can’t read his foolishness

And I just can’t seem to answer that question

No matter how long I stare at those 100s of pages in my journals

No matter how many times I re read the stories

No matter how much I try to convince myself that it just doesn’t matter at all

I just can’t answer that hard of a question

I-I-I. . .

I just can’t

It’s such a simple yet hard question

But I just can’t answer it

So I need to ask a favor of whoever’s reading this

Just from what I’ve written on this account

Am I a Good writer?

And please don’t lie because this is something I NEED to know.

Because if I don’t know

My ignorance will drown me in a sea of delusion.

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