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I Want to Help

Everyday is see people who look like their sad


Even broken some days

I might be wrong about that but it doesn’t change my thoughts

When I see people like that I genuinely want to just go to them and talk and help in anyway I can

Because I can’t stand to see people that are unhappy

That are crying

That are breaking

It all breaks my heart to see

I just wish I had the courage to actually help

To do something to cheer them up

To help them feel happiness

To guid them through the storm

To give them anything they want even if they just want to be alone

I just wish I had that courage

But I don’t and I hate to say that

And it doesn’t just pain me to not have the courage

It hurts them to because there’s no one else that trying to help them

They’re just enduring the waves of emotions on their own

With no one even trying to throw them a rope

I just want to be the one to at least try to throw that rope instead of just letting them drown

And to those I dident or haven’t throw the rope to I’m sorry

I’m truly sorry for not helping

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