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A piece for my old dog friend Bo

I Miss you

Bo, it has been 9 years since you past

you'd probably like to know how everyone's doing huh

well we're all fine

well except me

cause right now I'm crying my eyes out trying to write this.

Bo, I miss you so much

and for the past week now It's just been terrible

cause I've been looking back at life

and the more I looked back the more I realized you were one of my only true friends

I remember how you just let me cry on you when I was sad

when you played with me in the river and how you used to love bitting the waves

but no matter how much I remember those days I still remember the day you passed the most

Look, Bo, the reason I'm writing this is that I want to say a few things

First I know I'll never forget you or how amazing of a dog you were

Second I still wish for something on my birthday, that something being just 1 more day with you so I could play with you again

Third I want you to wait for me because if there is some afterlife I want to go into it knowing I'll have a friend for infinity

and finally, I want to say I'll miss you and remember you for as long as I have this fragile life, even if its just a repeat of the first thing I said I just want you to know how much I truly miss you

I hope you somehow manage to read this Bo cause I really just wrote this whole thing for you

and I'm sorry for not using one of your own pictures cause if I did I would have just been crying forever

And you probably hate the idea of me crying so I'll try my best not to in the future

but if its anything to do with you old friend I can't guarantee I won't burst into tears

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