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I Care

It’s amazing how many people think no one cares

Well I’m here to say I care

I care about a lot of people

I care about those who think no one sees them

I care about those who effort exceeds limits

And honestly I care about almost everyone

I try my hardest to care about people

I’ll even notice when someone stops doing something or starts doing something

I’ll even try to notice some of the tiniest things

Whether it’s the words you’re using

Or maybe just the way you walk

I won’t judge you on any of it

But I’m probably gonna ask why you changed and if you don’t have an answer I won’t mind but I will be curious

And I’m not just curious about that I’m curious about why it changed

It’s just hard to show all that with how little I speak

But honestly I love it when I get to truly care about someone cause it always gets my heart going

And it’s about the opposite when I don’t feel like I care, cause then I just feel terrible

But at least I wanna care for people even if it’s hard to show that I do

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