Going Nowhere
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Something about where I think my life is going

Going Nowhere

As time has passed I’ve be devoted to answering the age old question of what am I gonna do with this life.

And as time passed I’ve gotten closer and closer to the answer

That doesn’t mean I like the answer though it just means I can answer the question

The answer you ask why it was right in the title

It’s going nowhere

I look back at life and all I see is a talentless hack with no passion or drive whatsoever who seems to only know failure

Life is all about the drive to push you to something or the talent you improve upon to get sucked into something.

But without it you kinda just drift on the river that is life

And as far as I can I seem to just be drifting till I hit a bank

And as much as I hate to say all that I know all to well how true it is

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