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Who knows anymore man cause I certainly don't


do you ever just see a ton of fog and think to yourself "I wanna have that stuff around me all the time". Its like the perfect thing for anyone.

Just have it around you and you sense so much less, I leaves you open to just be in your own head no worries and no problems. Man couldn't everyone do with a bit of a fog cover.

Best of all its all natural so its like its suppose to be there, but lets get back on track. Fog can allow you to lose yourself from the world, To escape Anxiety,stress, sadness, and even pain.

The more I talk about a nice fog the more I wish I had one, but I don't and no one else dose either, so we have to find other things besides fog.

We have and its nice but come on who wouldn't just love be stay in fog and just live without what are lives seem bent on driving in us.

I really really wish I could at least get some foggy weather sooner or later cause man all this talk of fog is already de-stressing.

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