Faking it
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Faking it

Sometimes faking emotions seems like the right thing

but is it really a good idea.

Faking your emotions just so no one can see them

is it truly good to keep emotions hidden

to burden yourself with the waves of your heart

just so you can make sure no one occupies them selves with your well-being

Its a very understandably thing to do for anyone who truly cares for others

its always the first thing some people do

They just put on a nice little smile and say okay

but in reality they just want to frown and say how sad they are

and is that okay.

No . . .

No its not okay

because in the end its worse to let yourself be consumed by sadness and let people see you for something you aren't

than to let your sadness be seen and let people just think about you more than themselves for at least a moment

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