Evil stories
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People seem so damn cocky when they insult others

almost like they think they can get away with it without some kind of penalty

but I suppose their just idiots for thinking that

you might be thinking the penalty I'm talking about is some kind of random karma related inncedent

If, so you'd be completely wrong.

What I'm talking about is the penalty of having to plant a seed in them when they do it.

A little seed really isn't anything after all the goodness in someone can easily out weight a little evil is what the ignorant would say

I said it was a seed, a very dangerous seed.

A seed that grows with every bit of rage, envy, greed, and wrath

It just keeps growing until its full blown, true evil

at that point the person who planted that seed will receive their penalty

Either it be Death,

unending pain,

a loss of everthing,

or even guilt beyond comprehension.

They WILL receive their punishment for allowing that seed to grow.

No matter how much they try to say sorry.

They will receive a punishment equal to the evil they've created

Trust me on that because when evil is born into this world it takes whatever it created with it right down to hell

you know this was starting as something about insulting people but I feel like its turned into something better

something about how when people create evil then earn themselves a punishment,

maybe just how people that do wrong get a punishment,

and it can even be interpreted to be about how people can be turned evil just because of someone else.

either way its all the same factor.

Evil has a cost

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