Death for a Day
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Death for a Day

You ever wonder what it might be like to be death for a day

I mean what would it be like to be death

I imagine it would be scary for anyone

I mean come on death isn't always peaceful

sometimes it's just brutal

with bodies ranging from some one who dieded with smile on their face in the hospital

to bodies that have been ripped apart with nothing left but the scene of gore a decore.

and I can't even begin imagine what it may be like to collect the souls

They'd problem be scared, lonely, confused, maybe even vengeful

and I'd just have to say something about how they're dead

then they'd problem deny it and I could do nothing but wait for them to accept the fact

then I'd have to guide them to whatever comes next

whether it be heaven, hell, or just plain darkness

but who knows maybe it would be completely diffrent

after all no one has exactly had the chance to come back and explain what death truly dose.

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