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Seals facts and a few persons seal notes

Sea Dogs

Seals or Sea Dogs are some awesome animals.

Seals are mammals which are aquatic specialized .

A seal has more blood in their body than most animals as it contains more oxygen allowing them to have longer dives usually around 2 hours long which is the longest any mammal can hold its breath.

Seals are common sea animals all around the world and surprisingly friendly when they don’t care about territory.

When seals dive they also decrease their heart rate by 50-80% and can reach depths of 1300 feet

Seals have even been the face of a meme which you see in the background which is the good old awkward seal meme

Although specialized for aquatic movement seals actually give birth and live in herds on land, those herds can be around a few thousand by the way

The life expectancy of a seal is 30 years if it makes it to adulthood.

Seal milk for baby’s is comprised of 50% fat so they can get large amounts of blubber to sustain themselves in the cold. Blubber is basically just a coat made of fat in their body.

Elephant seal alpha males are extremely rude, not a fact I just think it.

Actually I’ve said a lot of facts so now I’m just gonna say what I think

Seals are super adorable no matter what even if they are rude a lot. Seriously if there was a talking seal he could probably rule the world with cuteness.

All seals except the leopard seal are pretty cool seals because they enjoy company from their species and just having fun in general.

I didn’t include Leonard seals because they eat other seals. . .

Just let that sink in

Seals are my favorite animal just wanna put that out their.

My favorite species of seal is the harp seal As you can see from the background there is no limit to the want to snuggle one of these guys

I mean seriously look at dem eyes and that boopable nose and all dat fuzzy fur there is nothing I want more than to hug that little ball of dreams

This has been a little thing bout seals hope you enjoyed and have a good day

P.S never forget elephant seals are rude dudes.

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