Creep around the corner
Creep around the corner night stories

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Creep around the corner

Held under street light was a bench, and on that bench sat a girl dressed in a white sweater, white jeans, white sneakers, all contrasted by long black hair and wood brown eyes.

she was all alone in the night, stuck under a light that never seemed to die, but she quickly found she wasn't completely alone, there was a figure in the dark, peeking from behind a tree

he was dressed in some kind of winter jacket and what looked to be some black cargo pants but there wasn't much she could make out though cause he quickly disappeared behind the tree.

every bone in the girl's body said get out of here but at the same time, some deep part of her wanted to see this through.

So she didn't get up or hesitates to stay right there at all, and soon the figure left from behind the tree and started to walk slowly towards her.

his eyes staring straight at the ground while his hands were deep in his jacket pockets the closer he got the more she wanted to run.

until finally, he got so close he actually sat down beside her, her instincts were now wailing at her, but still, she ignored them.

he turned his head to reveal quite a nice looking guy who looked like he hadn't slept in days, and in fact, she actually knew the face,

he was a classmate in her last two classes photography and chemistry, though she had never seen him take a picture or ever do the work, the teachers talked pretty good things about him.

"Are you out here for the stars?" The question shocked her out of her state of fear "The stars?

"yeah it supposes to be good enough conditions tonight to see the whole sky lit up with em' makes for a good photo " all of the sudden all of her instincts completely changed to saying

this situation was actually quite nice. "no I was just taking a walk"

"Oh" it seemed as though her answer shot something straight through him "Well bye" he quickly got off and strut off into the night his whole being seemed to be riddled with anxiety

and she watched as he slinked off into the darkness his whole vibe completely distorted. It was quite a strange sight but it was the first time she had ever been out during the night at school, and she for some reason she wanted to do it all over again.

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