Broken Positivity
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Broken Positivity

Positivity has never been something I'm known for

I've tried being positive so many times

I really have

but did it work in the end?


No, it didn't

I was positive and all that came of it was negativity.

Every time I've tried to be positive I end up somehow managing to make it negative.

I can't tell you how many times I've been asked why can't you just be positive.

For all the times I was asked though I think I've finally got an answer.

The reason I can't be positive ain't just because I can't be.

It's because there isn't a reason to be postive

after all they're asking me to be something that seems to be in strong supply in themselves

so what reason do I have to be positive when you seem to full of it.

after all you can't even be positive if there's not little bit of negative

or at least the positivity just seems like it isn't truly postivity then.

so there's your answer

I ain't positive because I don't want positivity to become less of what it is.

well that's my look on it anyway

in all honesty it probably isn't as nice as that

The real reason is probably something like postivity is nothing more than a fools idea.

There I go again changing positive to negative

I really hope its that first answer.

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