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I love being alone

I get time to just think about everything.

I get to rid myself of hellish anxiety.

Sometimes I even get to discuss with myself about life

but at the same time I hate being lonely

I don't like having no one to talk with

no one to let my soul out to

being alone is like being in a void

for long enough its great to be in

but to long and its like your losing who you are

like your person just evaporates and all that's left is that emotionless body

Very cold, and very alone

so being alone is like a double edged blade

one edge is to keep your thoughts in tact and your mind deep

the other edge destroys you as a human being

slashing at your personality making it bleed out of the mind

but a double edged blade still has a side for problems just as well as it dose for solutions

so I suppose that's why I love it

as much as it helps me in life I'm just as fine taking the risk

the risk of losing who I am by bleeding myself with that edge

and I'm fine with that because sometimes to better yourself

you must lose something about yourself.

I'm fine with that if it means I can deepen myself.

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