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I don’t know how to describe this

A mirror

Recently I’ve been finding myself looking into the mirror more and more

But it’s not out of vanity it’s out of concern

Because my I looked into my eyes and I didn’t see my soul a dancing yellow flame

I saw a flame as black as the Abyss and as cold as a white ice

But that’s not all I saw because there was another soul entirely

This was a scarlet red and had a flame that was uncontrollable it and had more heat than a star

Both of them were lying behind my eyes and still lie there now but every time I look back into that mirror I’m noticing something new and burning brighter each time

There was a soul starting to spark up that seemed to be extinguishing the others

It was a deep red and had a protective warmth about it and seemed to even have confidence in itself, what was really different though was the fact that that it spoke

And said something to me “A soul that wants nothing more than to kill and another that requires hatred to live, you’re lucky you’ve got me ya know”

“Good to know you acknowledge me at least, just so you know if you didn’t change to me those other to would have destroyed you without thinking twice about it”

“While I may not much better I’m still better”

I turned from that mirror and knew something different was in me now and I should let it take control

Cause if I don’t change souls I’ll be broken if not destroyed by the ones that have corrupted them selves

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