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Another little fiction thing from myself


A swift jab to the face and 96 stumbled backwards into the wall

The attacker sized up 96 from head to toe. “Your a little scrawny to act so brave”

96 managed to pull his face up to meet the attackers eyes and wanted to respond to his fatal statement.

“It’s not being brave it’s just getting angry over someone trying to take my stuff so if you would kindly give it back we can both just leave here now”

The attacker started a little giggle then it rose to a happy little laugh then a hysterical moment of madness

“Well that ain’t gonna happen ya idiot, so what are gonna do about it”

96’s face dropped to stare down the floor once again

“I was hoping we could be civil about this but I guess that’s not how this outside world works huh.”

Suddenly a pair of large black steel gauntlets formed on 96’s arms along with a pair of black steel boots on his legs

They cut off around the elbow and were covered in spats of blood, which actually seemed to be fresh it was the same thing with the boots

96 Looked back up into the attacker’s eyes his own now fiery sparks of an inferno

“Now then how about we fix this little situation”

The attacker looked as though he was looking into the eyes of a demon and with an appropriate reaction completely froze up

With the attacker frozen 96 walked straight up to him and grabbed both sides of his head.

“Now then how about you go ahead and die“

96 started to crush the guy’s skull every few seconds a new crack echoing in his ears though it was nothing compared to the hellish scream coming from guy which felt beyond deafening.

The agonizing sounds kept getting louder and louder and the cracking more frequent until finally.

The guys entire head was completely crushed in between the now blood ridden gauntlets .the only thing remaining fragments of bone and giblets of brain and flesh.

96 brought his arms back to his side and let the body slump backwards onto the once spotless floor spitting blood from where his head once was

“I really wish we could have been civil about our little problem.”

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