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I'm gonna rip them all into big piles of bones and meat

just as soon as I get myself a new home I mean its not like I can just practically wage war on them from these sewers

I mean have you ever even read of a resistance that has a base in the sewers

cause I certainly haven't

There was a few faint voices coming from farther in the sewer

they seemed to be getting closer to 34's position

oh great a few morsels I could use some blood

soon the figures were visible all of them were wearing suits that ranged in color they also had on what looked like latex gloves as well as holsters which carried their pistols, the one in the front was also carrying a flashlight for the sewers almost solid black air

Well then this looks like it could be intresting

the flashlight finally hit 34 with its beam of light showing a bloody mess of a wolf with fur with an almost unreal black color as well as spots almost drenched with blood as well as the fact that the his right arm was clear ripped very not clean off

The one with the light almost fell into the water with fright he was given while the one behind him drew his pistol and shot 34 through the right eye with deadly acruracy

"That was a good shot guy but to bad you ran into someone who when you shoot you just make mad

none of the men had anytime to react to what 34 said as he almost tansported in front of the flashlight man forming some kind of new arm but with a head for the rest of the arm past the elbow

the newly formed head arm went straight through flashlight guys chest and looked directly at the other 3 men

the head was of some beast never before seen but it looked like something out of hell it self with its teeth each being almost a perfect triangular shape spattered with blood and it bared horns that practically went straight backwards and to top it off its irises were in the shape of stars that were colored red against a black sclera

the heads mouth opened and blasted some kind of shards straight into the other men some sticking in them and others going straight through

after just second of the head blasting out shards it closed its mouth and stopped and was ripped out of the hole to remain at 34's side

first the body of the flashlight guy fell directly into the sewers water tinting it a deep red then almost in sync the 3 bodies of the rest fell to the floor shattering a few of the shards that got stuck just before exiting them

"that was a lot more boring than I was hoping but then again I shouldn't have hoped for much against normal humans"

now then lets get back to finding a new home

34 strolled over the bodies of the men shattering a few of the crystals as he applied pressure to them

34 kept on his way down the sewer as though nothing had happened well expect for the fact that he had his new "arm".

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