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Another addition to my little pieces of fiction with my numbered characters


31 woke up sweating, tied to a chair with some seriously tight rope and a gun pointed straight at his temple

31 was groggy but could still speak “Alright who are you and what the hell did I do.”

“You can call me end and you killed my brother ya bastard.

“Oh is that all then or was there something more serious”

The man looked infuriated by 31s remark

“I’m gonna kill you right here and now you think there really something more serious you could have done”

31 now started to chuckle at the mans remarks

The chuckling grew into laughter and soon following a manic howling of maddening laughter

The man stuck the gun directly in 31’s mouth then pulled the trigger

The man stumbled back to the wall behind him after being exposed to the cackling madman that is 31.

“Alright not gonna lie that guy was kinda freaky”

The cackling started again this time even louder than before and then came to a sudden stop only a few moments after it began.

“You think I’m freaky huh you should meet my friends”

31 seemed to phase through the ropes and rose to his feet the man in the room was in both astonishment and terror

Before the man even had a second to act 31 pinned him to the wall with a knife through his right arm but next the blade was wide it was stabbed through horizontally

The man howled in pain but was almost instantly stopped by 31 who covered his mouth with his now bloody hand

“It’s been a while since I felt like this, but that won’t earn you my mercy” 31 looked in the mans eyes which were panicked and bulbous but his own were erratic and manic

31 was shaking in a kind of sinister induced anticipation out of no where a blade formed from the blood on his hand

The blade was terrifying it was simple but looked viscous and visceral with a serrated edge and hooked tip on both end to rip through flesh on any slash

“Look pal I’m sorry for the pain but I kinda need this” the man was now in complete panic with tears streaming down his face and eyes that screamed. PLEASE NO!

31 let the man’s mouth go then went into a frenzy of slashing he didn’t miss an inch of the guys flesh carving out muscles,flesh, veins, and on the occasional violent swing. bone.

After a full minute of the frenzied and gory slashing 31 finally seemed to calm down enough to see what he had done

The man was slashed from head to toe and was luckily killed in the first few strikes when 31 aimed for the neck. He was missing flesh from almost everywhere on his body and his cloths were purely a deep red now as well as the walls to his sides, the floor, and even the ceiling.

31 went to sit back down on his once prison like chair to try and recover himself looking only a bit up to see his work

“I promised myself I wouldn’t let this happen again, but it was justified right? He wanted me dead and I can’t let that happen can I. . . Can I?”

After a moment of thought and staring at the floor 31 looked back up to see not the mangled body but instead 17 standing against the wall.

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