Romantic Greeting
Romantic Greeting poetry stories
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meltsunriseoath Artist-writer duo.
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The crumbling bust of sneering Rameses, [. . .]

Romantic Greeting

The crumbling bust of sneering Rameses,

The stone Rosette dropped by Napoleon's hands,

The Sphinx with no more riddles to construe —

In Egypt's deserts, long millennia spent.

The present bound by strict hystereses

Hints at the hidden truths beneath the sands

Converging to the asymptotic blue

Beyond where human reason ever went.

Great ages come and go, just as they please,

And though I love the sights of distant lands,

The simple, idle joy of meeting you

Has blessed this world of glass and grey cement.

While all the universe's mysteries

Stay in the reach of he who understands,

Infinity presents itself anew

In every branch that leads from this event.

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