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I want to thank Mel, Charlie, Michael and Nick


I want to thank

Mel, Charlie, Michael and Nick

For their Eternal Bad Boy Persona

And by continuing to suck Hollywood’s Dick

Now it is true our Hollywood Heroes are ageing rapidly

Before our eyes

Makes a true fan cry

But this quartet’s private and public behavior

Fueled by solipsist sex, booze and drugs

Have propelled them to the top of the Hollywood game

We are so grateful their vices and need for constant reward and pleasure

Haven’t driven them completely insane

They have all slowed down a bit

But through their hard work

They have all achieved the honor of being crowned

The Top Hollywood Celebrity Twit

I want to be clear

I write this with the utmost respect

I am just another

Frustrated and Jealous poetic insect

Observing from afar

From inside my jar

All the Hell-Raising Activity

Rants and Chants

Have far eclipsed their

Great Cinematic Art

The Devil is proud of his Disciple’s

One day he prays to collect their souls

When they finally fall

And I see their name on the

Entertainment Tonight Obit Crawl

If it wasn’t for these brave men achieving their PHD in Abuse

Physical, Emotional, Psychological, Romantic, Financial and Verbal

Their Lives and Art would be quite obtuse

These unbalanced Alpha Males

Have delighted us for years

We all Love to read and see their Lives, Mind and Souls torn apart

Please Guys more tears

So the next time you see a Celebrity

Being exposed as a Fool

Think about what these creative angels

Are willing to go through

To entertain us all

The Adoring Fans

All Floating in

Hollywood’s Cesspool

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