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One day I fell into a well of despair Why God does no one care


One day I fell into a well of despair

Why God does no one care

Well I am finally at the end of my rope

For me there is no hope

My only sin was looking at the pretty girl

Her face more beautiful than a pearl

Want, Desire, Lust

If only I could have won her trust

I asked her to release me

She smiled and stared

But refused to set me free

Obsessive thoughts way to deep

Mind and soul heartbreak weep

But I now know I will never have her

I fear soon I will be dancing with cadavers

I long for death eternal peace

Only then will this female obsession cease

I was taught it is wrong to take a life

The priest told me to find a wife

So this is the end

The damage I will soon do will never mend

Should I die by gun, noose, bottle or pill

Or take a leap from a high hill

Maybe God will send me a sign

Maybe a Heavenly Angel will throw me a line

Soon my suicide will fill Satan with pride

My Soul in the Lake of Fire will hide

Did Jesus ever Love me I cried

I can't go on like this

This Blonde Temptress

Robbed me of all bliss

Her beauty tormenting my soul my mind

Unholy woman kind

So I slowly put the gun to my head

Soon I will be dead

Good-Bye God

Now I am really going to blow my wad

But wait a voice said

Putting lead in your head will turn your rug

The only thing that can save your mind and soul

Is to write your way out of this Obsession Hell Hole

God why did you put me down here

At the bottom living in fear

Why must I write of these evil thoughts

The Devil tried but my soul can not be bought

I will not let the demons win

I shall not kill myself it is a sin

So now I will become a writer

Keep writing mental fighter

Even if my written words make no sense

Writing makes the mind less tense

Someday my obsession will be lighter

With Heavenly Help

My future will become brighter

So Damm the Demons

I’m through screaming

God thank you for finally making my mental suffering go away

So I can stay here a little longer and play

And if no one ever reads my words

At least writing has made my mind

As free as a bird

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