FEMALE SILENCE world record poetry stories

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One day I fell asleep in my chair I awoke and a room full of smiling women


One day I fell asleep in my chair

I awoke and a room full of smiling women

Looked at me

With Death’s Stare

I asked myself

Am I dreaming?

What are these women scheming?

I fear my mind these women soon will be reaming

What made me dream this way?

My boss yelled at me today

Too much work stress

My brain abscess

Heart and soul in distress

I heard on TV there are more men than women

Women dying and killed in record numbers

Female Final Slumber

Male Violence

Men creating

Female Silence

I looked back at the Cabal of Ladies

I fear I have a room at

The Hotel Hades

Their smiles gone

The room suddenly burst into flames

The women screamed out in pain

Their anguished cries driving me insane

I fell to my knees

I begged them for a Quick Death

They said after I listen to how they all died

Maybe then I could take my last breath

One was stoned

One was beheaded

One was burnt alive

One was strangled

One was led to a cliff and forced to dive

She did not survive

There is no Honor in killing

All the women committed the same sin

Wanting to be free

Male driven Female Genocide for centuries

Still going on

Way too long

All the men swore to love and protect these women

Fathers, Husbands, Brothers, Sons, Friends and Lovers all lied

Allah Cried

Love Denied

Evil dark music filled the room

Flames Rising

Tribal Trance Treat

Tantric Drum Beat

The women danced

I was entranced

Satan and Jesus

Came in the room

They approached the women

And both told The Flock they are

The One

Follow me to Eternal Fun

All the women laughed and turned away

From their Saviour

These women no longer crave

Male Behaviour

Then out of the Flames

I was approached by

The Head Dame

My Dead Mother aflame

Smoldering in front of me

My Beloved Mother said to me

Son you don’t have much time

It’s true you never committed female crime

You never got out of line

Why don’t you write a rhyme

Tell all men of future women yet to come

They need to be free

And will not be Men’s Property

These unborn women will demand to experience life

Free from Male Strife

And be warned

If Male Violence continues against women

And Men refuse to change

Then one day all the women will be gone

They will refuse to be born

Men will no longer be turned on

This will signal

Man’s Final Dawn

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