I just need to say some stuff
I just need to say some stuff stories
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melodyj "You were born to be real not perfect"
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I just need to say some stuff

1. Please, please, PLEASE, don't think that if I don't answer you, I'm "ignoring" you, because I'm not, I'm not trying to go through a whole damn process of comforting and soothing you saying "No, I wasn't ignoring you, you're not annoying" It gets annoying when you automatically think that I hate you all of a sudden every time I don't answer!

2. When I say I'm busy, I'm usually trying to get out of talking to you, so don't come at me saying "You're always busy" No, there is probably something about you that bugs me, but I just don't want to tell you cause I'm afraid you'll feel bad, but sometimes I'm actually busy.

3. Don't "never mind" me and hope that I'll put up a fit and say "Tell me, tell me, tell me" I will say "Okay" You said never mind, so I guess it isn't important, I have had so many people do this to me.

4. Don't think you have me figured out before you even talk to me.... Please don't, I curse, yeah, I just don't usually curse on my posts, I talk a lot, but if you can look past that, trust me, I will stand up for you, I'll talk to someone if they're making you mad, uncomfortable, sad, if you're a closer friend, yes, I would die for you.

5. STOP PUTTING YOURSELF DOWN, when you do this it makes me sad, not only that, it's unhealthy.

6. I absolutely hate it when I tell you a problem and you automatically think I want advice, if I want it, I'll ask, I'm not too proud to ask for advice, I usually just want to get something off my chest, and that sounds so fucking wrong 🤣


I don't think there's a 7, so that's all, thanks, bye!


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