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This took really long, I ended up getting help from my brother @martinj Turned out pretty good!

Hey You...

This was inspired by a song and couple quotes. Please don't take this the wrong way. And a friendly reminder...

💗💕✨You're amazing no matter what✨💕💗

Hey you...

Do you ever feel like an option?

Like you're just a second choice?


I want you to take three deep breaths before you click to the next slide...

Take two more..

Now one..

You'll always be my first choice

No matter what you do.

No one could ever replace you..

I'll hug you till all your broken pieces stick back together..

I'll tell you how amazing, strong, and kind you are..

You'll never be my second choice, you'll always be my first....


. .

. . .

But I don't want to be YOUR second choice.

I don't want to be the person you run to when your heart gets broken.

I want to be that person you go to before you realize that you need me..

Hey you..

You make others feel like a second choice too....

You may feel like a second choice sometimes, or always, but there is someone out there who feels like your second choice right now.

Hey you.

I love you...

No matter what.

So stop treating me like I don't know what you're going through.

Stop putting on a brave face, stop telling me you didn't stay up till 2 am or longer.

Stop smiling and saying "I'm fine"


I know you're not "Fine" so what's wrong?

I know you stay up late thinking about life, and all the things you regret, all the people you love, and all the people that hurt you, but think about this while you're up late "Why can't you be happy?"

Hey you


Not a fake smile.

Be you. Love yourself.

Don't care about what others think. It shouldn't matter if people treat you like an option, if they do, leave them like a choice.

After 11 hours... I finally finished!! XOXO ~Mel

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