"Almost Kidnapped"
"Almost Kidnapped"  scary stories

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Wow, kidnapped, I've almost been kidnapped before. But that sent chills up my spine.

"Almost Kidnapped"

When I was around ten I was almost kidnapped.

I was walking home from school with some friends.

Where we live there's a fork in the road, so it parted three ways, I was the only one to go down my road.

The rest had others with them.

As I was walking home with them I noticed a car, it was following us.

I didn't think much of it because my friends roads usually have people going down them all the time.

So I just thought is was another regular car, boy was I wrong.

When we got to the fork, I hugged my friends and said "See you tomorrow"

The car followed me, that's when I got scared. Cars don't go down my street. It's very rare because my street leads to a dead end.

Not too long after the car sped up to me, and asked if I needed a ride, I said no and walked away, they kept following me.

That's when I started running, the sped up again and got out of the car, and said "Sweetheart, get in the car" I started trembling, that's when I looked at the house to my right and said "This is my stop"

I could hear the growl in his voice when he said "Want to get some candy?"

I was scared and said no.

But he was being persistent, when I replied with no again, he grabbed my arm and started pulling me towards his car.

I screamed as loud as I could, I screamed until it felt like my lungs would give out.

He then slapped me and said "Shut up, you're going to make me a lot of money"

I started yelling help, my neighbor was driving by, I waved at him screaming.

He got out of his car and said "What's wrong?"

I then said "Dad, he's hurting me"

Luckily he caught on and said "Let go of my daughter"

That man that was holding my arm, he was shocked, he let go of me and got in his car and drove away. I'd never been more scared in my life!

I might have not been able to see my friends the next day if he had not stopped and realized what was wrong.

Thanks for reading!!

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