Pale Eyed Girl Part 3
Pale Eyed Girl Part 3 stories

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I hope all like it!!!

Pale Eyed Girl Part 3

I had just gotten out of eighth period when... "Hey!" I turn around startled, but the hey wasn't for me it was for... "Kate!" Miles. It was Miles who yelled. My stomach tightened; knuckles clenched.

My eyes glance toward every direction looking for the only one that matters.

Then she appears next to me: Kate. I glance in her direction; she wraps her fingers in mine.

She's been crying; Then everything becomes clear; she's been crying, and she came to me for comfort and protection. I should feel thankful. But for some reason I feel mad. Who did this to her?!

Actually I know who did this to her. Miles. My rage for him grows into a lump in my throat, I feel my face flush. And I guess Kate notices because she says "No Bryce, it's okay...

" I turn toward her so we're facing each other, and I take her other hand and look into those pale, blue eyes I know so well. "No Kate, it's not okay."

She blushes then looks to the floor, she drops my hands, I hear her hesitate when she says "I- I've got to go..." I search her face, trying to figure out what I did wrong. "-Kate.

" But she was already rushing toward the door. I feel like something ended, or began.

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