It's Never Easy Is It?
It's Never Easy Is It? love stories

mellowmarie Community member
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snippets from my mind as an anxious attachment lover

It's Never Easy Is It?

i knew love like i know how to swim. in which, i do not. love was drowning and praying that someone would pull you out from underneath the waves.

love was losing a part of yourself and going months without seeing clearly.

i learned love like i learned how to ride a bike. my confidence humbled when the hill overcame my strength and stability.

i learned how to wrap wounds and be okay with the scarring and i learned that the scars fade.

i have loved like they were the sun and i was a lowly planet orbiting around them.

do you think that the sun knows that the earth is there? or that we just drift around in circles taking what ever inch of warmth we can get?

tomorrow the birds will sing and the sun will rise through my window. my heart still weighs heavy in my chest but oh how grateful i am for its beating.

there are days i wish i could have experienced a love that I would not need to unlearn.

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