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mellowalma Community member
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open your mind to my eyes

mind love.

open your mind

to my eyes

allow me to explore your soul like the night sky

your mind holds extraordinary ideas, let me understand

paint me a picture & leave it on the stand

lets take a trip & talk about forever

recite my poems through your actions when we're together

let me feel you & understand you

dont be ashamed. ive been there too

the last thing you could do is tell me not to judge you

the first thing i would do is open my soul towards you

i dont want your money, keep the others in your pocket

& give me your piece of mind & i promise i wont drop it

instead tell me your idea for the future

tell me what you love & hate

and why you did what you did to her

i crave so much more then just physical attention

you doubt your well being with full mind of perfection

i crave words, depth & full purpose

i yearn to know every inch of you beyond the surface

vibe with me, let our souls fall in love

lets let our minds free & everything theyre apart of

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