fragile stories
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mellowalma Community member
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whats fragile is...


his fingers trailed down my neck from my cheeks and for a second i forgot how fragile it all was.

that, in that moment, we have this now, but in a few minutes he'll have to leave back to his house & me to mine.

and i would return back to the doubt in my mind & the lost in my soul,

most likely smoke something that makes me emotional but ill smoke until my throat was raw & i couldnt taste his name on my tongue anymore.

and how this made-believe thing we had going on would soon come to an end, he played the loving role so good I believed him & actually took him serious.

we'll have to go our separate ways & the regret will run through his head oppose to the happiness id be freeing.

he doesnt love you like you want him to. i know.

it's all too fragile

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