The Vampire Mafia King: Chapter one
The Vampire Mafia King: Chapter one yoongi ff stories

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The Vampire Mafia King: Chapter one

Wrote by @heyitssomin and Myself

Y/N Pov The night was silent but when I remembered a part of my dream I screamed. There was a figure coming closer to were I lay asleep on my bed. The figure was holding something shiny. It was a.... Knife.

After the dream faded, I had went to take a shower. While I was in the shower I heard a sound and it was like something had broke. It come from the other side of the house. It came from the kitchen. After I was out of the shower I quickly got dressed and went out of the bathroom to see what happened in the kitchen. When I walked in and I found broken shards of glass on the floor.

There had been a rock that was near the broken window It had something on it. I walked closer to see what it was. It had been a note. But I had stepped on a piece of glass. I winced at the pain the glass had gone deep into my skin causing it to bleed. I tried to ignore the pain to see what the note had said. -note- Watch who you talk to. -MY

Who was MY? You thought but you just thought that it was just some prank. You thought it was just nothing so you headed back to bed. You landed on you soft bed and automatically fell asleep.

Author note Again this was writen by Me and @Heyitssoomin

Author note This is my first time teaming up with someone to write a FF. I hope you go support @heyitssomin Because He is a great guy.

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