Chapter two Jimin/Taehyung X Reader
Chapter two Jimin/Taehyung X Reader jiminff stories

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Who is he? Why is he here? Is He hiding something?

Chapter two Jimin/Taehyung X Reader

Y/N went outside to get some fresh air. You sat on a metal bench close to your dorm. You stared at the dark town, She was looking around for something but didn't know what. Your body started to walk but you didn't know where. It pulled you to an empty street and it looked sketchy.

Y/N saw a light and so she became curious she walked to it. The light was coming from a shop window but no one was there. Then she felt a hand on her shoulder she slowly turned around. She saw who it was but all she could see was his eyes. They were dark blue and they looked so deep.

Y/n thought she was still half asleep so she just shrugged it off. "Hey are you okay?" The man asked and you didn't realize you were shivering. When you didn't answer the man stepped back and you saw it was Taehyung.

The only thing you could think is why? 'Why was he here? Why did jimin not recognize him? Why did he follow me?' Y/N slowly walk backward until she was far enough away from him. "Why did Jimin not recognize you?" You ask looking in Taehyung's eye. They were so mesmerizing. Taehyung walked away not answering my question. After he was gone I walked home.

Author note: I hope you all liked it. Its a bit short but I will write some more soon! <3

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