Chapter four part. 2 Jimin/Taehyung X reader
Chapter four part. 2 Jimin/Taehyung X reader park jimikn stories

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Learning to fly????

Chapter four part. 2 Jimin/Taehyung X reader

11:16 P.M Taehyung walked out of my closet With two things in his hand a pair of black combat boots and a moon ring shaped like a bat. "Y/N put these on and I want to show you something." Taehyung said and I did what he told. "I'll show you how to fly." He said with a smirk. "What I can't fly!" You yelled at him.

"just try, now jump out of your window." He said calmly. You stared at him like he was a lunatic and you really thought for a moment that he might be. "Don't worry I'll catch you, now do it!" Taehyung was trying to convince you and it worked. In a blink of an eye Taehyung was outside waiting for you to jump. You didn't think twice and jumped.

You had your eyes closed bracing for impact but you didn't fall you were in the air and not moving. You thought time had stopped but then you looked down. You started falling but didn't hit anything. You felt so warm and you didn't want it to go away. " You did good Y/N." Taehyung whispered into your ear. You loved the sound of his voice when he told you, you did something good.

As a reward we went to the park and it had a beautiful river running through it. We sat at the river bank and stared at the sparkling water. You could see fish swimming in it and they looked so unreal. "Y/N do you want to get ice cream?" Taehyung asked. That simple question made you so happy you could literally jump for joy.

Author note: I hope you liked this part.2 to chapter four! I would love to know what you would like me too add to this story and I will love to see what you guy want in my story!

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