Chapter 7: My Boyfriend is Kim Namjoon
Chapter 7: My Boyfriend is Kim Namjoon kim namjoon stories

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Will Y/n Finally get to know Namjoon's dark past?

Chapter 7: My Boyfriend is Kim Namjoon

Y/n Pov I heard Namjoon leave his apartment so I decided to see what he was doing. I followed him to the parking garage and he got into his car. Where is he going? And at this time of night. I got into my car and followed behind him. He drove for a long time and I know he wouldn't hear my car because all his windows were opened. Where is he going?

I thought again. We ended up in the middle of the woods. There were no houses nearby and no street lights. We went onto a dirt road that looked like it wasn't used often. I started to get worried about him and what he was planing to do here. We pulled up to a huge slab of concrete it looked like it was used for a very large house once. There was ash everywhere.

I parked my car away from Namjoon's to not get noticed. Namjoon got out of the car and feel on his knees sobbing. I wish I could run up to him and comfort him but I couldn't. He would probably be mad for me following him. But I couldn't let him be sad by himself. I ran up to and hugged him. "Sookie, Bam." He whispered while sobbing. Who was he talking about?

You wondered but didn't think about it long. "Namjoon its ok, I'm here for you." Namjoon looked up at you. He had tears running down his cheek. "Sookie?" Namjoon asked throw teary eyes. "Sookie have you came back for me? And were is Bam?" Namjoon asked looking around in confusion.

You stood up looking down at Namjoon. "Who are you talking about Namjoon?" You asked not know who he was still talking about.

-No ones pov- "Sookie you know who I'm talking about. Don't you remember our daughter, Bam?" He sniffed. "Daughter?" You whispered to yourself. You started to walk to your car but Namjoon held your hand.

"Sookie don't leave me again! Please! We can start over! Just don't leave me!" Namjoon yelled. You pulled your hand away from Namjoon's. "I'm not SOOKIE!" You yell at him and ran to your car.

Namjoon wiped his tears away and realized that it was you the whole time and not his dead wife. "Y/n Wait! Let me explain please!" He yelled after you. but you couldn't hear him you were to tired and didn't understand who Namjoon had been talking about. You got into your car and just drove back to your apartment. You knew that Namjoon was right behind you but you didn't care.

You ran into your apartment locking the door behind you. He began banging on the door screaming your name. You ran into your room and locked your door while sobbing. 'Is Namjoon cheating on me?' you thought while sobbing.

Author note: Sorry this was short but I hope you like it!

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