Chapter 6: My Boyfriend is Kim Namjoon
Chapter 6: My Boyfriend is Kim Namjoon   kim namjoon stories

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What has happened????

Chapter 6: My Boyfriend is Kim Namjoon

Author note: I hope you all like this chapter!

After we got our food we went back to my apartment. We ate our food and it was so good! I love Chinese food! (I really do though) -time skip- It was now 3:45 P.M. Me and Namjoon had been watching Jeepers Creepers (One of my fav movies!) The bird man had jumped out at Dairy.

Namjoon's pov After something scary would happen Y/n would scream and cuddle with me. I looked down at her shaking body and hugged her tightly. She stopped shaking after that. "Do you want to continue the movie Y/n?" I asked her and she looked up at me. I noticed she had been silently crying. I turned off the TV and got a blanket.

We sat on the couch like that for a while and I knew she feel asleep. I couldn't move and if I did I would have woke her up by trying. So I decided to sleep too. -time skip- When I woke up I didn't know what time it was but it was dark outside. Y/n was no longer beside me so I decided to look for her.

I walked into the kitchen and she wasn't there so I went to her bedroom. She was not here either. I looked into the guest bedroom and she wasn't there. She was no where in her apartment. I began to get worried "Y/n! Where are you!" I shouted. I walked to my apartment seeing the font door was open. I grabbed a bat that was beside my couch. I heard glass braking and it was coming for my kitchen.

"Namjoon!" I heard Y/n yell. Everything began to fade. "Namjoon wake up, Namjoon" Y/n said again. I opened my eyes and Y/n looked at me with concerned eyes. "hmm?" I looked up at her. "Namjoon you were shouting my name are you ok? What were you dreaming?"

Y/n asked. 'It was just a dream' I thought to myself. "Its nothing I just didn't have a good dream thats all." I told her. I didn't want her to worry about me.

Y/n pov "Do you want to stay the night again?" I asked Namjoon because it was already dark outside. "I think I'll go to my apartment tonight." Namjoon said and he looked spaced off. He might be thinking about his dream. But why was he screaming my name? What was his dream about? Did I get hurt? Will Namjoon be ok by himself?

All these questions were going around in my mind but I shook it off. He gave me a hug before he went to his apartment. "Sleep well Joonie!" I said to him before the left.

Namjoon's pov After I walked into my apartment I made sure to lock the door. I headed straight to my work out room. I didn't know why but I was angry and I needed to get that anger out. I started workout and use my punching bag. I couldn't get all the anger out so I grabbed my car keys. I started to drive with all my windows open to get the nigh air in my face.

Night was my favorite time of day. But I couldn't enjoy the night right now I needed to drive, get my head clear. I drove for awhile then I arrived at my old house. But it wasn't a warm and comforting feeling when I arrived like it used to be.

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