Chapter 4: My boyfriend is Kim Namjoon
Chapter 4: My boyfriend is Kim Namjoon  namjoon stories

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Does Namjoon have a dark past he doesn't want to tell Y/n?

Chapter 4: My boyfriend is Kim Namjoon

Last night I asked Namjoon to stay with me because of what happened that day. He agreed because he know I was scared to be alone. I told Namjoon he could sleep in the guest bedroom. Namjoon didn't have PJ's so I gave him one of my over sized shirts. The shirt was the biggest one I could find. I know it didn't fit him but he acted like it did. After that he went to bed.

1:26 A.M You looked at your clock to see what time it was. You sighed trying to go back to sleep. When you looked at your clock it was now 1:30 A.M. It started to thunder and you thought it was a gun-shot. You ran out of your room running to the guest room. You forgot that Namjoon stayed over so when you jumped on the bed he groaned.

When you heard the noise you fell out of the bed. You then hit your head on the night-stand. "Babe are you ok?" You heard Namjoon say. You tried to hold in your tears and sobs but the pain on your head didn't help. Then the thunder boomed making you jump under the covers with Namjoon. You hugged his body tightly and realized that he was just wearing his boxers.

You didn't really care because you were scared. You heard him laugh. "Scared of a little thunder?" He asked. When he asked you just buried your head deeper into his chest. "It sounded like a gun-shot." You mumbled. Namjoon pulled your small body closer to his. The beat of his heart made it easier to fall asleep. The rhythm was steady and peaceful.

Namjoon's Pov Y/n was peacefully asleep but I was still wide awake. The scent of her shampoo filled my noise. The smell reminded of my past. My wife...

-Flash back- Sookie had been cooking dinner while out daughter, Bam was playing with her toys. Sookie had left the stove on while putting Bam in her high-chair to eat dinner. Sookie had been making fried chicken. I had been gardening when the house had caught on fire. I tried to save them but I was to late. Bam was only 2 years when she died. Sookie was only 20.

-End of Flash back- I hadn't noticed that I was crying until Y/n had started to rub my back. "Joonie are you ok?" She asked then asked "Did the thunder scare you too?" Y/n looked like a mother caring for her scared son. "No, Im ok I was just thinking of died realities." I said which wasn't all a lie. I felt bad for not telling her the whole truth.

Y/N Pov Me and joon decided to have some hot coco because we couldn't sleep. Joonie was making the hot coco while I started the fireplace. Namjoon ran in with a bucket of water after I started the fire. "Why did you do that for?" I looked at him then stopped yelling at him after I saw his expression. He was scared. "I don't like fire." He said in a mumble.

Author note I hope you liked this chapter! I know its a bit sad but I thought that would make it more interesting. I hope you have a good day!

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