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mellon Soo, Wattpads blocked so im here. um yep
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I'm stuck in a dream, or so I thought. Dreamland they seem to call it, it gets lonesome sometimes, but thats alright, It isn't as if I need somebody by my side.


This is my dreamland, it contorts to what I want, makes itself a haven for all I know. At first it seemed odd, but pleasing. All the fine colours of the rainbow, waterfalls, clouds, a clear shallow beach, of water in the colour of turquoise.

I could explain to you how it looks, but I don't seem the need to, our dreamlands could perhaps also be considered our happy place. We all have different dreamlands. It seems like there might not be a way out, but there is. I just wouldn't want to leave, it's peaceful, away from the reality of it all.

it's not like it matters anyway, everything is irrelevant, i've gained enhanced senses from the time being here, there's always creatures running about, they never really bother me.

I like it here, it nice, warm, I can do whatever i'd like. Make up anything, eat whatever i'd like. You can't die in the dreamland.

The whole experience is astonishing. It's like a secret haven in your mind. I think some people say it's like a form of meditation maybe? I don't know how anything happening in the dreamland connects up to the real world, like eating.

It's all so beautiful though, and you can have it be whatever you'd like.

I don't see reason to go back to the real world. I wouldn't want to, or dare try. The real world is the definition of hell. Am I even real? No, if I wasn't I wouldn't be able to feel, or have any sense at all. I've turned to be a much more humble person.

I never thought of trying to convert energy into something more, I tried it to make an animal or something, it did work. That's the magic of it all. I didn't think I could make a person though. I couldn't.

Until I saw something, seemed human, I couldn't tell, until they walked up to me, seemed like a boy in his teenage years. Hazel hair and green eyes, he was tall. We ended up bonding. I finally had something else to do than stare at the beautiful landscape and swim in the water.

I come to our usual spot. He isn't there, I waited.

And waited.

He never came back. I don't know what happened to him. All I remember now is his name.


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