Everything about him
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melittastark Community member
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him <3

Everything about him

your messy hair

your cute smirk

your fitted jeans

and your shirt

the way you hold me

the way you kiss me

the way you love me

is all i need for me now

its the way you look at me

that has a hold on me somehow

maybe its the taste of your lips

or just your smell that makes me crazy

i want you i want you so bad

everyday and everynight i can

your loving gestures

maybe your jealous face

when you come and ask for answers

my heart is on a race

the decision of hiding it

reminds me of the good old days

and i love keeping us a sort of secret

in every loving way

the way you take stand

for me, i am astound

the way you handle

my tantrums and my rebounds

i know you keep it in you

all that i say and do wrong

im sorry you couldnt get better

but life is absurdly long

i know you love me

more than i do

and your love has changed

me to someone new

so I'll say it again

honey i love all of you

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