Little Box Part 1 of 2
Little Box Part 1 of 2 little-box stories

melitose Pretty sweet.
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She's hungry.

Little Box Part 1 of 2

by melitose

She didn’t have a name. Her face and body were average, something you’d forget after a glance, but her eyes, they were what drew people into her, what made people trust her.

The bright blue eyes stood out extravagantly against her otherwise dull appearance. They made people want to come closer. It was almost like fate.

Her hands clutched tighter around the object in her hand when she saw him, the man in the park.

The wind blew his blonde, luxuriant hair into a halo on his head as if he wasn’t angelic enough with his handsome face and emerald-like eyes.

The beautiful surrounding scenery of falling snow and naked trees only brightened the man’s vibrant aura.

The minute she saw him, she couldn’t take her eyes off of him;

the way his chest would rise and fall, the little bounce in his step as he walked along seeming to have no destination in sight,

or even the rubbing of the hands after a sudden burst of strong wind.

It was all too much to not take the golden opportunity that all but dropped into her lap.

The need was only getting stronger the more she stalked after him. She needed this now and she needed it bad before she lost this chance.

'Starving yourself is never good for too long’, she thought to herself.

To make her presence known she jumped down from the trees and walked towards the man, deliberately having to make noise so as not to startle him.

There was an art to this after all. Once she got there, she tapped on the man’s shoulder.

“Hello, mister, I’m sorry to bother you, but could you help me? This dog I’m watching somehow got off the leash when he saw some squirrel a little down the path over there-

you know how puppies can be- but I’m scared to go in alone. Could you go with me, please?”

“I totally understand,” she knew he would,” Trust me, I know all about that. Mine would run after a rock if they thought it moved. Going in the dark alone doesn’t bode well with me either."

“Thank you so much,” she said as they started to walk. She took the man to a path encased in shadows. The forest would suffice nicely, considering there were no better options.

She’s just thankful it’s pretty isolated today. Everything seemed to be falling into place. It was never this easy for her to get something that looked so good.

She only could hope that he tasted just as delicious.

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