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A long heartfelt poem revolving around my troubling thoughts and conflicting love interest.


As I rest my head on your shoulder I begin to wonder.

Your world consists of many things; except me.

I dream of what would only ever be a dream.

You burn without words; I only speak words.

Actions; marvelous actions, beautiful and spontaneous in the moment;

Soon after, I begin to ponder. I begin and I begin, I never end.

I’ve rehearsed countless lines to perform to you; I’m ready.

Here we go; in just 5 seconds you’ll understand.

I mean; I meant 10 seconds.

Second thought how about 10 minutes.

Here you are; here we are; gazing into each other’s eyes but to my surprise; I have stage fright.

Timid as I am; I cannot find myself; I am lost into your piercing eyes.

The map to your heart never showed the map into oblivion and now here I am; trapped, as if it were the Bermuda triangle.

Can you ever forgive me?

I’m constantly making this difficult.

I constantly speak for you and answer my own questions with what I believe would be.

My imagination stretches across the land, beyond the oceans and near the mountains;

But never with you.

Every time you cross my mind, I’m filled with joy; Joy that’s slowly tainted with sadness.

Because like gravity, I bring myself down.

I cannot speak for you, nor do I want to; so, if I have a right to ask, then I ask you, what am I to you?

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