I am better without YOU

        I am better without YOU pain stories

melissastevens Nothing but love for all who exist <3
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It's nice to be nice.

I am better without YOU

Do you think that I don't see you there? Running around Pretending You're not the only one who's careless. You're not the only one who could care less.

I don't know what you think of me when you give me that look Do you love me? Hate me? Are you indifferent?

I feel like you despise me like you think I'm worthless. But do you? Or is that the thoughts of others peeking through? I know you're good under that facade. If you disregard the need to please those who spit venom.

Do you see me? Do you care what i think? Do you listen when i speak? Or am i just wasting what little energy is remaining aiming my soul in your direction?

I've told you time and again not to do the things you do, but you don't listen. You don't care.

But none of that matters now. I have moved on. I am actually happy. My head is healthy. Removing my life from your view will forever be one of the kindest things I could do for myself.

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