Dealing with a Crush

             Dealing with a Crush healing stories

melissastevens Nothing but love for all who exist <3
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I am trying to begin healing.

Dealing with a Crush

I don't know what to think, that twinkle in your eye is so confusing. What are you feeling?

The blue draws me in, holds me, traps me, until I drown, my head still reeling.

Now I have found you, I am helpless and hopeless, wondering if you know, it's my heart that you're stealing.

It's all I can do, to lay here on the floor, my thoughts swirling around as I stare at the ceiling.

You've spoken to me words of regret. I talk to you too, my soul revealing.

Cold and alone, I sleep through the night. The thought of you there is rather appealing.

But that's not going to happen for I am afraid and I now know there's already a woman in your life, and it's for her you'll be kneeling.

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