Finding the Right Conditioner
Finding the Right Conditioner  top hairdressers manchester stories

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Finding the Right Conditioner

Not all conditioners will work for your hair. You are probably already aware of this.

Perhaps you’ve used a conditioner that left your hair lank and heavy? Maybe you’ve used a conditioner that was unable to tame your frizz.

That’s because there are so many different hair types and formulas to choose from.

With so many options, the Best Hairdresser Manchester has put together a few tips to help you find the right conditioner for your hair!

Smoothing or Volumising?

If you have flat hair, it’s important to avoid smoothing conditioners. Smoothing conditioners are very heavy, perfect for those with thick and bouncy hair that can be difficult to manage.

Flat hair requires a much lighter treatment to avoid looking and feeling lank and greasy.

Volumising conditioner is light, it can help add texture to the hair (depending on the cut) and lengthen the time between washes.

Wavy Hair Saviours

Smoothing conditioners might sound appealing if you have wavy hair, but it’s not necessarily a good choice to make.

Wavy hair benefits from lightweight formulas, perfectly designed to deal with frizz, especially in very humid weather.

Wavy hair isn’t the same as curly hair, it’s often not as dry, but it can still be weighed down by heavy conditioners, like flat hair.

Choose a light conditioner designed to benefit waves and avoid ones designed for tighter curls or perms.

Conditioners for Curly and Thick Hair

Most thick and curly hair types will adore a deep, thick and intense conditioner. Treat this hair type to deep conditioning treatments that are designed to hydrate intensely.

Between regular deep conditioning, choose a conditioner that will hydrate the hair. Don’t be afraid of ‘leave in’ conditioners either, these hair types are perfect for the leave in product.

Shampoo the hair, rinse and apply the conditioner and style as usual.

Leave in conditioner can even be used on dry hair, perfect for those times when your hair is feeling dry or frizzy between washes.

Colour-Friendly Conditioners

Hair that has been bleached or dyed will need a colour friendly conditioner. There are plenty available, some with tones that can help to deal with brassiness or colour problems.

Using colour friendly conditioners will help to protect the hair and colour, making it last longer.

Help from the Best Hairdresser Manchester Offers!

Conditioner gives your hair a moisture boost, perfect for using after shampooing, which strips the hair of natural oils and moisture.

Ask the best Hairdresser Northern Quarter has to offer for help, especially if you’re still unsure about the best type of conditioner to use for your hair.

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