I Want What I Can't Achieve

I Want What I Can't Achieve  pressure stories

melissamalo More than what eyes can see.
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By melissamalo

I Want What I Can't Achieve

Breathe life into me , I'm suffocating for air. Pull my heart out , pull me by my hair.

Drag me into reality , let me accept what's unfair. Bury me in deep , bury me with despair.

I've been wearing the same shoes and now it's torn out. I've been walking on the roofs hoping they'll fallout.

I wanted a reason to scream , I wanted a reason to shout. I hope you'll be there when I'm here , I hope you won't see me when I let it all out

I'm murdered by my own mind Always wanting what I can't achieve. I'm always looking for what I can't find.

I'm not that strong girl , I'm the destructive kind. Show me what's real , show it all to me when everything goes blind

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