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melindaross Community member
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A poem to deal with my feelings about being unable to become a mother.


I don’t know what day it was

But I remember the day

When I sat down with your daddy

And we chose out perfect names

We settled on a number

More than 2, no more than 4

In my heart I knew, no one wanted you more

Every day we hoped, we wished, I prayed

I couldn’t wait for the happy day

But days have passed and now it’s been years

I keep hoping but each hope, only brings more tears

I see other babies and it brings me joy

But the hollow spot where you belong

Makes my life hard to enjoy

Where are you my child?

Where are you my 2 girls and 2 boys?

I call for you in my sleep

I beg from God but no one hears my noise

I know the heavens must be empty

No way could God do this to me

Put bitter where everything sweet should be

I’m still holding on, my sweet child

Daddy holds me while he dries my tears

We're missing you now but we’re waiting right here

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