just a summer fling
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A poem about two Aquariuses' short summer fling.

just a summer fling

aquarius and aquarius.

it’s a really common story,

of matchless zodiac signs

using each other in the centre of the crowd

in a popular beach bar that no smart girl would go to.

the zodiac is a member of their soul

and it collabs with their feelings

and contradicts what they want.

she didn’t know that it could have been more

and he didn’t think that his friends should have stayed low.

different countries means different teachings

with different morals and different meanings.

aquarius boy means hidden emotions

and aquarius girl means daring, fearless actions.

there’s no substance that can make her immune to his words.

far away now is the mirage of what they could have been:

and she is happy that they never met again.

and maybe he is thinking about what he could have done different

but everything is pointless with the energy of their zodiac signs

merging as one.

he left and so did she,

to his country,

and her home place to be.

tormenting questions. forced to walk backward. Love is something they can't run away from.

Wishful thinking from the Cyprus ages keeps reminding them of the past. They can't avoid what they had.

what will happen when the same zodiac signs meet again?

will the same distance that separated them in the beginning

do the same to them?

do the same, yet different, zodiac signs find their star-crossed love in the sky,

that was hidden behind the clouds all this time,

or will they choose to ignore it ever so fearfully for the last time?

so here she is writing this hoping she will forget,

but secretly wishing she won’t regret,

and wonders desperately that if he had the same eloquence as her,

if he would one day write even the slightest couplet about her.

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