I wish I was free By Meli_Melow
I wish I was free

                                 By Meli_Melow freedom stories

meli_melow I write what pops up in my mind.
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A dark and somber trip through my mind.
I wish I was free.
I wonder why I am feeling like that.

I wish I was free By Meli_Melow

What is this feeling I wonder, it’s like I am floating… Oh, I know, I feel like I am not living this life, like this life doesn’t belong to me. I am being swallowed by this constant uneasiness telling me I shouldn’t be here… this is not my life.

That would explain why I sometimes wonder why I need to go through these painful feelings.

I have already given up, I am uncomfortable, this feeling is annoying, I really hate annoying and troublesome things, it makes me want to scream, cry and throw things around.

Why am I feeling like this I wonder, maybe I don’t belong to this world; I do believe that other worlds exist. If I die tomorrow, will I be reincarnated like in light novels and manga, into a fantasy like world where magic, beasts and demons exist?

I think I will like it over there, I would be free of all these responsibilities I didn’t ask for, free from this life, free from this boredom. I wonder if it will happen, mother, father, I am sorry but I just want to spread my wings and be free, I didn’t ask to be born into this world…

The End

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