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Tale of an introvert.


It shouldn’t feel like a chore to be near other people.

My whole life I’ve been told to go out, do more, meet people.

Human interaction is a necessity of life, but I have never been able to do this easily.

It’s called introversion.

I grew up thinking that it was a bad thing. My parents still tell me this.

But what’s bad about reaching into yourself to make YOU happy, make YOU feel fulfilled.

If anything, I think it’s beautiful.

I think out my emotions. I put time and effort into understanding myself.

And extroversion isn’t bad either. I also think it’s beautiful to surround yourself with people that make you happy.

But since I’m not extroverted, I don’t have much insight into that mindset.

I’ve never felt the need to put myself out there. If I see an opportunity to make a friend, someone who I think would be worth it, I might try.

But before that happens, I need to have reason to think I could trust them, or feel connected to them, relate to them.

I’ve tried explaining to my dad that I don’t feel fulfilled hanging out with people just to hang out, I need people who I can find myself in.

And I love people, because I love understanding them, I like to listen to them.

But over time I’ve learned to accept myself as an introvert, and I realize that I’m actually proud of it.

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