Escalation of Reading.
Escalation of Reading.  stories

melanieanebel🖤18. INFP. Dreamer and warrior. 🖤
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Hopefully someone relates to this, but I also would never wish these reading tragedies on anybody else.

Escalation of Reading.

Have you ever been conflicted on where to read?

I always go through every possible setting.

I could sit outside with the sound of birds chirping and bumble bees happily buzzing, iced tea in hand, and the appreciation of a words beauty gleaming in my eyes.

But the sun would bare on my shoulders too hot, the grass would get uncomfortable, suddenly the blanket underneath me feels too thin, and my pages are being tormented by the wind.

So I move inside to my bed, cradling my teddy in the corner, my blanket cocooned around me like a burrito, all the way to my head.

But the blanket would get too hot, my tea would suddenly spill on my lap, and I can hear people talking in the next room, and I lose my spot.

So I move to the other side of the bed, escaping the damp covers, I turn up my music to drown out the voices, but I love this song, so I can’t help but sing along, still trying to find my page number, what’s this characters name again?

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